Don Salva be watching you!

I be watchin’ you!

I’m sorry, I cannae share my information about me with you, because BIG MOTHER is watching!

Seriously, my name is Don Salva (no, it ain’t!), I’m in my early 30s and one poor sod living in (or out of) the basement of his grandma’s house. In fact I’ve been called ‘homo sapiens basementus’ on countless occasions. Evolution seem to have just forgotten me on the track. Alas, one cannae have everything, can one?

My interests cover a lot of fields but most of them tend toward computers and technology about it. I’m also an avid gamer, primarily PC but I don’t shy away from consoles. Still, I’m a proud, card-carrying member of the Über PC Gaming Masterrace.

Music is another passion of mine, I found this passion when Grunge was mainstream and Nirvana just starting out. Grunge, Alt.Rock, Jazz and Blues, I love them all equally.

I have this blog because I wanted to jump on the everybody-and-his-dog-has-a-blog-nowadays bandwagon. No, seriously I occasionally enjoy writing about software, games, the internet, giving tips & tricks, writing How-To guides and ditching out random posts about random thoughts.

Just so you know, my friend McAkomx, is the co-author of some of the articles on this blog!

Now….let the fun commence:

Grumpy ol' Dog

Angry ol’ dog sez: GIT OFFA MAI BLOG!

Sad Dog!

Sad dog sez: Grumpy wuz jest kidding, plx come back!

Grumpy cat

Grumpy cat sez: No, angry ol’ dog wasn’t! NOW GIT!