Borderless fullscreen with AutoHotkey scripts

I’ve got a few games that don’t have native borderless full-screen support, and I was looking for solutions. Found some, but this is by far, in my opinion, the best solution yet. More after the break.

Simple, easy, elegant. It’s called AutoHotkey, and it can do so much more than just that. It started out to be just for providing keyboard shortcuts, but in time evolved into a full-fledged scripting language. It can do almost anything. It’s a macro-creation and automation application too. Take a look at the documentation here if you are interested in creating your own macros. Now here’s the .ahk script for borderless full-screen. Copy and paste it into a text file and save as borderless_fullscreen.ahk .

However, this script depends on the game being run in windowed mode and your desktop resolution. If your resolution is any other than 1920×1080 then you need to adjust the code in line 7 and 21.

Once you’ve done that, double-click the .ahk script and off you go! You should see a green H icon in your taskbar, which means the AutoHotkey script is running. Then press CTRL+ALT+F or G (it depends on the game, some work with the first, others with the second) for the borderless, full-screen mode.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, here are 2 exe compiled by the ahk2exe for you. 32bit, 64bit (virus-scan result). Yes I’m aware of the false positives, download the pre-compiled exe’s or don’t, up to you. I’m surely out to steal your precious data and sell it to Google, Facebook, Amazon and whathaveyou.

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