Enhance your CCleaner with CCEnhancer beyond your wildest imagination!

CCEnhancer for CCleanerPretty sure CCleaner is an all-time favorite tool for many of you folks. What perhaps most of you might not know however is that there’s an itty bitty tool that enhances CCleaner even more!

It’s called CCEnhancer. This tool downloads an up-to-date kept list called “winapp2.ini”. In this list there are other applications defined that can be selected in CCleaner’s “Application” tab.

Such as Star Craft 2 logs, Star Trek Online Cache, K-Lite Codec and so many more. It’s too many to list here. As of this moment the ini-file is over 19.000 lines long. So, there’s a lot of software defined.

You can download it here. Or if you don’t want it, you can simply download winapp2.ini here and put it into your CCleaner folder directly! Here‘s the thread for winapp2.ini on the CCleaner forums.

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