Create your own “perfect” password!

Recently I’ve read some articles about the most insecure and most used passwords folks use. Boy, I gotta say, it’s mind numbing just how stupid some folks are, sorry to be harsh.

I for one create my passwords through my own convenient “algorithm” if you want to call it that, so I can remember even 20 characters long passwords with numbers, letters and special letters.

Or you could simply go to and be done with it. Yes, this site is secure, it’s using https, and the passwords generated there ARE very strong. Start using your heads folks, don’t get f’ked because y’all are too lazy!

And if you can’t remember each password you’re using, use KeePass, store your passwords there, set a unique password you won’t ever forget for your password database and either burn it on a DVD or better yet, use a password-ed flash drive.

Yes, I’m aware of the irony. A password for the flash drive and a password for the password database!

Just for the fun of it, test how secure your password is.

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