Using Firefox 3.x? Speed it up by vacuuming its SQLite database!

FirefoxRecently I stumbled onto some tips how to speed up ones Firefox. Firefox, since the version 3, uses a SQLite database for various tasks such as storing bookmarks, histories, site specific preferences and backups.

Over time it’s get filled up with unnecessary and old info if you want, and there’s a simple method to ditch those useless info and speed up your Firefox considerably, or like most of the guides say to “vacuum” it.

Use it once in a while, I’ve seen an improvement on my Firefox since I used it.

  1. Go to “Tools” -> “Error Console”
  2. Paste this in the “Code” text box:
  3. Press enter or click “evaluate”
  4. Your Firefox will freeze for a short time, just wait
  5. Enjoy your speed up Firefox!

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