Must-Have High-Res Texture Packs for Fallout 3

fallout3With my system (specs are at the end) I usually play games on 1920 x 1200 with 16xAF and 0xAA (ocassionally 2xAA). Now I love Fallout 3, take my blog name and think :).

I usually use High Resolution Textures Mods ranging from 1024×1024 quality upwards to 4096×4096. But bear in mind, higher resolution textures means more graphic card RAM and generally a powerful PC is necessary. If you aren’t sure if your PC can handle it don’t install every texture pack at once. Install one, test one, install the next one, test the next one, etc.

So far I’ve come across this packs I really think will up your quality a lot.

  1. Hi-Res Weapons or 4Aces HiRes Weapons, the name says it all. A lot of weapons textures will now be in higher resolution.
  2. Terrain pack and the addon Terrain pack Rocks. Terrain, the most important part of Fallout 3. You’ll spend a lot of your time outside.
  3. Rivet City Texture pack, the City Rivet will now look much more detailed!
  4. Megaton Texture pack or Megaton Re-Done Texture pack, enjoy Megaton in a much higher detail.
  5. 4Aces HiRes Armor, all armor is higher detail.
  6. High Definition Texture Pack or 4Aces HiRes Pack (Textures and Meshes), then there’s the random HD pack. Some other textures you’ll want to have. If you are asked to overwrite, decline. Only copy the new textures or overwrite smaller files with bigger files. It usually means the bigger file is the better quality.

To use custom made textures and mods, you need to Invalidate. Which is why you’ll need ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated .

With those six Packs you’ll up the quality of your Fallout 3 by a lot! Now there are a lot of other small hi-res textures for all sort of stuff. For example for Vault Doors, Historical Documents, Skill Books and much, much more.

Just look for “hi-res Fallout 3” on or Fallout 3 Nexus and you’ll be baffled.

My system specs are: CPU: E6600 @ 3GHZ, 9×333 | MoBo: P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP | RAM: 4GB A-Data Vitesta Ext. Edt. [email protected] | GPU: PowerColor HD4870 1GB

Enjoy your Fallout 3 in much more detail, Don Salva.

PS: Check out this screenshots galleries Fallout 3 & Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage.

PPS: Get the HiRes Texture Packs for all the DLC’s too

Addendum 17.05.2010:
Like a lot of people who have large amount of mods, especially texture mods, I’ve experienced frequent crashes to desktop. This is due the fact that Fallout 3 is a 32Bit game and is programmed in such a way to make use of maximum 2GB of RAM. If you have, say 4GB RAM or more, Fallout 3 makes no use of it.

Fear not, there has been a solution since last year which I completely missed up until a few months ago. Large Address Aware Enabler for FO3 or FO3 RAM Boost. Either one works and reduces the crashes to almost a nonexistence.

7 thoughts on “Must-Have High-Res Texture Packs for Fallout 3

  1. same problem with my laptop bought with double 2GB RAM but just 2,8 usable by 32bit win 7

  2. just throwing this out there, the 2 gig per application is a limit on 32bit windows, you can add a 3 gig switch in your boot.ini, it has nothing to do with how much memory you have.

  3. Yes, indeed. Still Fallout 3 won’t make use of more than 2GB unless you use the mentioned mod. For whatever reasons, I believe it’s due being 32bit game AND programmed in such a way.

  4. Hate to tell you, but as a Comptia A+ Certified IT Technician who actually likes playing games, a 32-bit operating system can handle up to around 3.3GB of RAM, not 2GB.

    1. some it technician you are. you’re not even capable to distinguish application allocated memory that don was talking about from memory mapped i/o. you’re also not correct that operating systems can’t handle more than 3.3gb. they can handle the full 4gb, but due to the nature of x86 hardware other hardware in the system maps its memory below the 4gb address space. this happens during the boot up way before the operating system takes over. it’s also wrong to name a definitive amount of ram that is available, e.g. 3.3gb… vista x86 caps the memory at 3.12gb to circumvent driver problems. if you have hardware in your comp that requires more address space then the available amount of memory in the os might be well below 3gb…

      a real it pro with a degree would have known that…but like i said: some it technician you are.

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