Mircoblogging, it ain’t so bad! Or is it?

Microblogging, almost everybody on the internet is aware of this new trend. As am I. I too am using Twitter and Identi.ca, Identi.ca primarily.

Identi.ca because I can link my Twitter account to Identi.ca and post only on Identi.ca to make my notices (identi.ca) also apear as tweets on Twitter.

The question, when I heard about such microblogging services, I asked myself was when should I be using it.

Then I looked at my blog and thought about it. It ain’t that bad if you think about it.

I use Twitter and Identi.ca for distributing interesting links I stumble across while surfing  and the occasional, unsubstantial notice/tweet.

So why would I waste a whole lot of blog space when I can put the links in 140 characters. Sure I can collect the links and present them in weekly or daily blog posts, but then it’ll be lacking something only the microblogging services offer: immediateness (huh, that’s some strange word I came up with).

You see microblogging services, unlike personal blogs, are available and know to millions of people. While I have to promote my blog to gain users, on Twitter and Identi.ca there already are millions of users ready to read.

When I share a link it becomes, on Identi.ca at least, visible to everybody right the second I posted it. (On Twitter you have to be registered and following me in order to immediately get the tweet I just posted!).

Microblogging services, they are great, ain’t they? What say you, dear reader?

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