Must have mods and texturepacks for Skyrim!

About 5 years ago I posted a similar post like this about Fallout 3, after all this time it still seems to be frequently accessed through various links. Well, it’s time for another. However this time I can save you a lengthy post by simply referring you to a neat, awesome site which list pretty much all the “must”-have mods and texture-packs for Skyrim! That site is called Skyrim GEMS! It contains every mod and texturepack I use. But just for you I’ll do a quick bullet list what I absolutely MUST use with each Skyrim play through!

  • SkyUI
  • Unofficial Patches
  • Automatic Variants

And from there I expand it with whatever I like. Mostly it’s extra weapons, extra armors, extra enemies and new lands like Falklaar, Moonpath to Elswyer, Realism mods, Magic system expansion, etc.

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