MyDefrag: Simple Defragmenter with enormous hidden potential!

I’ve used O&O Defrag for a couple years now, and up until now I was always satisfied, but since O&O Defrag 12 the defrag algorithms seem to have dropped in effectiveness significantly.

Especially the access algorithm seems to be doing exactly squat. Files which are being accessed all time aren’t moved at all, like they are supposed to. Anyway, I ditched the junk and set out to find me another defrag application.

I tried Defraggler, which was very nice but way too simple. I needed more. I tried PerfectDisk, it was better but not what I was looking for. I took a look at Auslogics Disk Defrag, something different, but still not what I wanted.

Until I stumbled upon MyDefrag…Why MyDefrag ROCKS:

MyDefrag MyDefrag

My very first thought was “WTF is this piece of garbage?”, but trust me, this is, by far, the best defragmentation tool out there.

Why? Because you can write your own defragmentation algorithms. Yea, you read right, your own algorithms.

That is, when and if you’ve read yourself through some tutorials how to write defrag algorithm scripts. All you do is write your script in Notepad, save it as yourscript.MyD, move it to your MyDefrag installation folder, start up MyDefrag, select script (algorithm) and off you go!

MyDefrag comes with a couple of standard and most used scripts, such as Sort by Access, Sort by Size, Standard Defragmentation, Move to End of Disk, Optimize Daily/Weekly/Monthly, and many more. So you don’t have to worry to read tons of tutorials how to write ’em.

There are also plenty of user made scripts on the official forums and the internet. Hit, I guarantee you’ll find a script just for your needs!

Though I strongly suggest you learn how to write your own scripts, only then will you tap into MyDefrag’s true potential. Because let’s face it, nothing beats scripts tailored to your specific needs and only you know what they are!

On a practical note, I do see an increase in performance after using my own scripts, although not a very big one, but an increase nonetheless.

Example scripts that come with the installation are Sort By Last Access , Move To End Of Disk, Consolidate free space, or a user written one Full Optimize from the MyDefrag forums.

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