6. April 2010

Easter canceled?!

I was wondering why Easter was canceled, now I know: Happy belated Easter!
22. March 2010

McAkomx’s HD gameplay videos

Howdy, long time no read. I know, I know, but I’m still very swamped with work and I hope to start posting again very, very soon. […]
27. January 2010

Not dead, just gone fishin’

I’m still alive, fear not dear reader. Just gone fishin’ i.e. swamped with work and absolutely no time to post on my blog. Sorry for the […]
1. January 2010

Happy New Year!

A happy new 2010 year to all my readers! Yesterday, when I was looking for something from 2007 I stumbled upon this image. I thought it […]
29. December 2009

Donald, where’s yer troosers?

Almost the whole day today I’ve been reciting a particular song in my head for no reason whatsoever. It has something catchy to it. I first […]
5. December 2009

Google launches its own dictionary!

Apparently google.com decided to launch its own dictionary without telling anybody about it: Enjoy! PS: I prefer LEO, Cambridge Dictionaries Online, Merrian-Webster and Urbandictionary over Google’s […]
27. November 2009

Force Firefox Add-ons to work with Firefox 3.6 betas!

If you already are using Firefox 3.6 betas then you probably already figured that some of your add-ons are not working…because of their compatibility. Well, to […]
26. November 2009

How to enable the New Google Search!

Apparently google.com has a new search design: How to enable it: Go to google.com Copy/Paste this into your web browser address field and hit enter: [crayon-5f28889c06d52998071308/] […]
23. November 2009

Use Sony NW-A3000 without SonicStage Software and hack its Volume Limiter!

After a long time I wanted to use my Sony NW-A3000 then I remembered why I rarely use it: Its goddamn awful piece of garbage software […]