How to share your email publicly and avoiding spam bots!

Protect your email!An interesting site I thought I’d mention it. We all know the dangers of publicly displaying our email address. Spam Bots! Once they have it you are pretty much doomed, except if you know how to set up your email-box against spam.

Anyway while surfing yesterday I stumbled on . A service which allows you to hide your email address until the person who wants to know it personally verifies  a given code. This way Spam Bots are closed out!

All you have to do is enter your email address and choose your own URL like ! Then share it. The person who clicks will get a code and has to match from 8 random, and 1 exact match given.

is a similar service, expect you have to manually enter a given captcha.

Now we can carry on debating whether such services are useful or not. I say to each his/her own! No more stupid  nocando(at)whateverservice dot com !

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