Simple Text- and Movie-effects made easily with Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Video EditingIf y’all been reading my blog somewhat you’ll know I’m a somewhat active YouTube user. I’ve my own channel and I infrequently upload mostly pc gameplay videos. A very dear friend o’ mine joined recently and has been actively recording, encoding and uploading to his ‘tube channel, McAkomx.

Now I’ve been using mostly VirtualDub, a superawesomewtfbbqomgz application by the way, for encoding my recorded raw footage into acceptable size and quality. The guides I wrote can be found here and here.

But that’s it, VirtualDub, compared to Sony Vegas Movie Studio or even Adobe Premier it is relatively primitive in terms of effects, filters, etc. But that’s ok it was never VirtualDubs intention to be a full blown editing suite like the aforementioned applications.

Lately I’ve been watching user-made machinimas and clips and I’ve found some pearls amongst them on YouTube. I liked the movie effects, the text effects, and any other effects they implemented into their movies, and I set out to try some of mine.

I set out to do very simple text- and movie-effects in Sony Vegas Movie Studios. And I recorded the steps I’ve done until the final product. Enjoy!

The how-to’s:
Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:

and the final product:

Boy howdy, was I blown out of my shoes when I first started Sony Vegas Movie Studio. Dood, I tells ya, I haven’t seen this many options for that many options in a long, long time.

Now I’m by no means an amateur nor a professional, I’m a full blown newbie with almost absolutely none knowledge what-so-ever. The little knowledge I’ve got is through trying out hundreds of different options and reading up a few guides on the internet.

So my utmost respect goes to folks who know their stuff in Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

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