Skip unskippable game intros!

Yes, I’m alive. Still. Probably. Maybe?

Anyway, have you come across games where the game’s intro video or cinematic was a pain the arse and unskippable?  Well, fear not my dear, lost traveler in the world-wide-web, for I, the basement dwelling Don, have the solution for you. However there’s a catch to this, which I’ll explain in just a second.

First just head over and download this: empty_bink_file_template.bik.

As you might have guessed by the *.bik file extension, that is the catch I was talking about. This only works with games that use the proprietary Bink Video File Format .bik from Rad Game Tools.

Here’s an example how I used it with Skyrim and the logo intro.

In C:\Skyrim\Data\Video there’s the intro .bik file called “BGS_Logo.bik” all I did was rename the original in _BGS_Logo.bik and copied the empty bink file and called it “BGS_Logo.bik”. That’s all it takes. Once done, there will be no intro because the file is empty.

And that pretty much works for any game that use *.bik as an intro. Some games extend you the courtesy to skip the intro via a config setting such as in an *.ini, other games won’t play the intro again after the played it for the first times, yet other persist and give you the finger just because. Well, here’s a finger back to ya!

PS: Oh yea, because y’all are so paranoid, here’s a courtesy.

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