Stop Spam, use temporary and disposable mail inboxes!


Oh, how we loathe it. The daily spam. Be it in E-Mail, be it in comments on blogs, forum or otherwise, be it in Instant Messengers, we just hate it and we just can’t seem to avoid it. It seems to never die, like a perpetuum mobile. Spammers earn millions and cause billions in damage. It is a proven fact.

From Day 1 when I got my first Spam (Penisenlargement anyone? Whole 10 inches! I’m serious!) I’ve been looking for methods to avoid it. I have been somewhat successful to some degree. Let’s start with our lovely E-Mail Spam. What say you? They solution is

Temporary/Disposable Email Service.

Benefits of Disposable and Temporary Email Services

There are a lot of advantages of having disposable and temporary Emails. But here are some of the key benefits:

  • No sign-up or/and registration required
  • Automatically expire/deleted after a certain period of time passes
  • Protect your personal mailbox from exploits, spoofs, hoaxes and spam mails

Top 10 9 Disposable and Temporary Email Services

Over the time I collected a lot of links to Disposable and Temporary Email Services. Here’s my collection of the, in my opinion, Top 10 9 Services which require NO sign-up and NO registration and which are totally spam free.

  1. Mailinator , one of the best and top rated disposable/temporary email services that gives you a temporary mailbox on the following address format: [email protected]
  2. MyTrashMail , another good disposable/temporary mail service which gives you a mailbox in the format [email protected] It also gives you a secure temporary mailbox if you choose to sign-up
  3. TempEmail , an anonymous and fast yet very secure temporary email inbox
  4. TemporaryInbox , gives you an email inbox in different formats and is simple and easy to use
  5. MailExpire , is somewhat unique because it gives you the option to have a temporary mail inbox with an expiration duration ranging from 12 hours to as long as 3 month
  6. MailEater , yet another free disposable/temporary email inbox in the format: [email protected]
  7. SpamBox , another unique disposable/temporary email inbox in the format [email protected] It also allows you to set the expiration duration
  8. GuerillaMail , a very short living (15 min.) disposable/temporary email inbox
  9. Jetable , allows you to choose the life span of the temporary Email inbox and also allows you to forward the mail from you temporary inbox to you real Email address.
  10. Uhmm…I ran out of links.

I hope those links are a tremendous help to you like they are to me.

Enjoy, Don Salva

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