Streaming made easy with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)!

A little while back I began streaming my gameplay sessions because I didn’t always want to record, encode, upload. I’m a lazy bum, I admit. While searching the internet, I found a couple applications that allow streaming to sites like, Youtube,, etc.

However most of them are not worth mentioning but a single one: Open Broadcaster Software . In my opinion nothing beats OBS. It’s free and it’s open-source. What more do you want?

But not only can this tool broadcast your gameplay sessions to or Youtube, nay, you can use OBS for recording only mode, like Fraps or Dxtory, but for free. Did I mention this software is free and open-source? Well, it is. And here’s a quick guide how to set it up for streaming with More after the break…

  1. Download the software here and install according to instructions
  2. Start OBS
  3. Follow this guide:

Now you’re ready to stream / broadcast until the 4th coming of the flying spaghetti monster. Enjoy!

Edit 04.11.2015: Remember when I wrote the recording guide for FRAPS? Well, there’s one for OBS too.

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