The Darkness 2 (demo walkthrough)

By McAkomx Soon, on Febuary 7, 2012 the sequel of the 2007 action-game “The Darkness” will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. While the gameplay remains true to itself, there are some changes in the presentation. A new graphical style, more on the original comic, and a new voice actor for Jackie.

Like the first “The Darkness”, the sequel is very brutal and violent and by no means suitable for minors. There are new finishing moves and blood and guts and other body parts, flying around like tinsel on a parade. And all the carnage is commented by “The Darkness” aka Mike Patton, who once again performed an excellent job with his voice.

The new graphic style is well received but the change of voice for Jackie is controversial for fans. It will probably remain a mystery why actor Kirk Acevedor (Charlie Francis from FRINGE), no longer lends his voice for Estecado but as so often, it was probably a question of money.

Brian Bloom is now the voice of the Don. Mr. Bloom is no stranger to the genre of video games. Star Wars: The old Republic, Call of Duty, Dragon Age, Kane & Lynch…you named it, he was involved in all of them.

That said and because we had such a fun with the demo, we uploaded a mini-walkthrough to our YT channel just for you, dear readers. Have fun watching.

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