Shorten your URL – A small collection of URL shortening services


When I prank my friends and don’t want them to get alerted by the URL I send them, then I use so called url shortener. I came across aplenty of them. Some bad ones, some very good ones.

I also often use URL shortener when I want to share some eBay auctions. They do have some ridiculous long URLs. There are way to many reasons to list as to why you could or should use an URL shortening service.

Now my favourite of all url shortening services is because you get a screenshoted “preview” of what the linked web site looks like. You also get security stats compiled by the SHUURL community (Folks who, eventually, visit and security-rate the site). It helps if you are one of the more paranoid ones (like me).[SHUURL Don Salva’s Blog , SHUURL Don Salva’s Gallery]

Then there are,,, and who do just that, URL shortening. And many more who I probably forgot to mention. and on the other hand are special. They allow you to shorten multiple URLs into 1 tiny URL. and also are special. shortens your URL and updates your Twitter or status. This service also tracks stats and allows commenting on your URLs. BurnURL however allows stats and social sharing beyond Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Shorten your URL – A small collection of URL shortening services

  1. You can also use for a url shortener.

    I just use it because the name matches it =P

  2. Now that's something I was looking for. To Shorten a bunch URLs into a bunch URLs. Thanks for the Link, appreciate it!

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