Differences in Windows 7 versions & CPU list supporting Win XP Mode!

I’ve been looking and looking and looking until I finally found a neat, compact table showing the differences between each Windows 7 version. I think I’ll go for Ultimate.


Reading the beta testers reviews and various blogs, Windows 7 seems to be THE true sequel to Windows XP. Vista was a disaster (I’m not going into detail with this one), to be honest. Thank god my friend had the Ultimate and I could borrow and test it before wasting my money. It was absolutely horrible to have Vista running.

The biggest plus for Windows 7 is the so called XP Emulation. Win XP Applications which normally wouldn’t run under Vista because they ain’t programmed for it, WILL run on Windows 7 even if they are not programmed for Windows 7 because Win 7 will emulate a Win XP Mode. This way you can run you beloved Apps without fear.

The downside is the feature is CPU depended. Meaning old CPU’s who don’t support it won’t be able to run the Win XP Mode. According to Tom’s Hardware, those Intel CPUs will be able to run the Win XP Mode. Another downside is its huge resources demand. For the Win XP Virtual Mode 2GB are the minimum.

According to AMD, those CPUs will be able to handle Win XP Mode:

“With the exceptions of Sempron-branded processors and pre-Rev F Athlon branded processors, all of the desktop processors shipped by AMD include AMD-V and therefore support Windows 7 in XP mode.”

“Also, all AMD Opteron processors shipped by AMD from Rev F forward include AMD-V.”

If you are still not sure and don’t believe me, check your CPU by yourself.

Edit: Found another tool, Microsoft® Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool.

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