Blog retirement

I'm retiring the old blog. It will remain online for archival purposes at .

I'll probably convert it to hugo or jekyll or some other static website generators eventually and strip it of all the fancy-smancy stuff I don't need.

The reason for the retirement is simple: I don't need an overbloated software like WordPress for simple blog posts. Don't get me wrong, I like WordPress, but for my purposes it's simply overkill and too much maintenance. Let me put it in simpler terms: it starts with this, transforms to this and ends with that. Kapisce?

I decided to switch to Bludit for my future stuff. No fancy smancy blinki-blinky stuff. Simple, fast, flat-file, easy CMS to just post me stuff. I'll be experimenting with Pelican too. Probably will do a mix of Bludit and Pelican here.