Easter canceled?!

I was wondering why Easter was canceled, now I know: Happy belated Easter!

McAkomx’s HD gameplay videos

Howdy, long time no read. I know, I know, but I’m still very swamped with work and I hope to start posting again very, very soon. […]

Not dead, just gone fishin’

I’m still alive, fear not dear reader. Just gone fishin’ i.e. swamped with work and absolutely no time to post on my blog. Sorry for the […]

Happy New Year!

A happy new 2010 year to all my readers! Yesterday, when I was looking for something from 2007 I stumbled upon this image. I thought it […]

Donald, where’s yer troosers?

Almost the whole day today I’ve been reciting a particular song in my head for no reason whatsoever. It has something catchy to it. I first […]

Deutsche und die Tendez zur ueberdramatisierung

Mir wurde mehrfach gesagt, ich solle doch auch mal deutsche Artikel verfassen. Da ich den größten Teil meiner Zeit mit englischen Texten verbringe, hat sich bisher […]

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

I just finished watching “V for Vendetta” (again) in 720p HD , still an amazing movie. I can only recommend it. There are two things which […]

Oi! Me be alive!

Howdy folks, a quick hello! A life sign, the Don, he be livin’! No, the blog IS NOT DEAD. I just didn’t have the time last […]

Mircoblogging, it ain’t so bad! Or is it?

Microblogging, almost everybody on the internet is aware of this new trend. As am I. I too am using Twitter and Identi.ca, Identi.ca primarily. Identi.ca because […]